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Olympic Baseball Line Scores
Sunday, September 24 - Medal Round
Olympic Games 2000 - Sydney, Australia

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Sunday, September 24
Italy - The Netherlands 2-3RHE
The Netherlands200100000371
pitchers The Netherlandsinn.SOBBHRER
Rob Cordemans, W (1-1)8 (*)4-52-
Ferenc Jongejan, SV (2)13----
(*)-Cordemans pitched to one batter in the ninth inning
pitcher Italyinn.SOBBHRER
Jason Simontacchi, L (1-1)93-732
Homeruns: Netherlands: Hensley Meulens (1); Italy: Daniele Frignani (1).
Umpires: HP-Katsuhito Koyama (JPN), 1B-Gerard Tancred (AUS), 2B-César Valdés (CUB), 3B-Myung-Hoon Yoon (KOR).
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Sunday, September 24
South Korea - South Africa 13-3 (8 inn.)RHE
South Africa00102000331
South Korea0106201313152
(two out when ten-run difference was reached)
pitchers South Africainn.SOBBHRER
Darryn Smith, L (0-1)3-2543
Glen Morris- (*)-1233
Alan Phillips1-11--
Richard Harrell1-1222
Ashley Dove2.11-444
Vaughn Berriman0.1--1--
(*)-Morris pitched to three batters in the fourth inning
pitchers South Koreainn.SOBBHRER
Seung-Ho Lee492211
Min-Han Soon, W (1-1)22-12-
Sun-Dong Lim22----
Homeruns: South Africa: Nick Dempsey (1); South Korea: Sung-Heon Hong (1).
Umpires: HP-Neil Poulton (AUS), 1B-ichard Fetchiet (USA), 2B-Paul Begg (AUS), 3B-Gustavo Rodríguez (USA).

Sunday, September 24
Japan - Cuba 2-6RHE
pitchers Cubainn.SOBBHRER
Yovany Aragon3.24-521
Lazaro Valle, W (1-0)3.1411--
Maels Rodriguez25-2--
pitchers Japaninn.SOBBHRER
Akichika Yamada321622
Shunsuke Watanabe, L (1-1)21-333
Masanori Sugiura21-211
Masato Kawano2-12--
Homerun: Cuba: Orestes Kindelan (2).
Umpires: HP-Humberto Castillo (VEN), 1B-Anibal Rosario (PUR), 2B-Liang-Kuei Hsieh (TPE), 3B-Iain Rouse (AUS).

Sunday, September 24
Australia - USA 1-12 (7 inn.)RHE
pitchers USAinn.SOBBHRER
Kurt Ainsworth, W (2-0)53-511
Chris George21-2--
pitchers Australiainn.SOBBHRER
Mark Hutton, L (0-1)2-4544
David White11-555
Mark Ettles331222
Adrian Meagher131211
Umpires: HP-Robert Bellerose (CAN), 1B-Bernardo Contreras (DOM), 2B-Pierfranco Leone (ITA), 3B-Carlos Rey (PUR).


Tuesday, September 26
Cuba - Japan 3-0 (semi-final nr. 1 vs. nr. 4)RHE
pitchers Japaninn.SOBBHRER
Tomohiro Kuroki, L (1-1)74-832
Masanori Ishikawa11-1--
pitcher Cubainn.SOBBHRER
José Ariel Contreras, W (2-0)99-6--
Umpires: HP-Gustavo Rodríguez (USA), 1B-Robert Bellerose (CAN), 2B-Bernardo Contreras (DOM), 3B-Gerard Tancred (AUS), LF-Myung-Hoon Yoon (KOR), RF-Iain Rouse (AUS).

Tuesday, September 26
USA - South Korea 3-2 (semi-final nr. 2 vs. nr. 3)RHE
South Korea002000000230
(one out when winning run was scored)
pitchers South Koreainn.SOBBHRER
Tae-Hyon Chong6.162322
Jin-Woo Song0.1--1--
Seok-Jin Park, L (2-1)1.2-1211
pitchers USAinn.SOBBHRER
Roy Oswalt641322
Ryan Franklin22----
Todd Williams, W (1-0)12----
Homerun: USA: Doug Mientkiewicz (2).
Umpires: HP-César Valdés (CUB), 1B-Paul Begg (AUS), 2B-Ton Bodaan (NED), 3B-Humberto Castillo (VEN), LF-Ian McCabe (RSA), RF-Neil Poulton (AUS).

Bronze Medal Game

Wednesday, September 27
South Korea - Japan 3-1 (bronze medal game)RHE
South Korea00000003x360
pitcher Japaninn.SOBBHRER
Daisuke Matsuzaka, L (0-1)810163-
pitcher South Koreainn.SOBBHRER
Dae-Sung Koo, W (1-0)9113511
Umpires: HP-Liang-Kuei Hsieh (TPE), 1B-Carlos Rey (PUR), 2B-Gustavo Rodríguez (USA), 3B-Robert Bellerose (CAN), LF-Neil Poulton (AUS), RF-Iain Rouse (AUS).

Gold Medal Game

Wednesday, September 27
Cuba - USA 0-4 (gold medal game)RHE
pitcher USAinn.SOBBHRER
Ben Sheets, W (1-0)95-3--
pitchers Cubainn.SOBBHRER
Pedro Luis Lazo, L (1-1)1 (*)2-311
José Ibar3.132233
Maels Rodriguez4.2734--
(*)-Lazo pitched to one batter in the second inning
Homerun: USA: Mike Neill (3).
Umpires: HP-Anibal Rosario (PUR), 1B-Katsuhito Koyama (JPN), 2B-Bernardo Contreras (DOM), 3B-Humberto Castillo (VEN), LF-Paul Begg (AUS), RF-Gerard Tancred (AUS).

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Softball Gold Medal Game

Tuesday, September 26
USA - Japan 2-1 (final)RHE
(one out when winning run was scored)
pitchers Japaninn.SOBBHRER
Mariko Masubuchi521111
Juri Takayama, L2.143-1-
pitcher USAinn.SOBBHRER
Lisa Fernandez, W882311
Umpires: HP-Cornelia De Bruyn (CAN), 1B-Gordon McAuliffe (USA), 2B-Marlies Struyvé (NED), 3B-Nora May Garcia (PUR), LF-Serge Laflamme (CAN), RF-Franklin Hermanus (AHO).

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