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World Championships Softball Men 2000
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World Championships Softball Men, East London (South Africa)
The Dutch national men softball team participates in this years World Championships, which takes place in East London, South Africa from July 7-15.

Group A: Czech Republic, Denmark, Lesotho, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, South Africa, USA
Group B: Australia, Botswana, Canada, Chinese Taipei, Dominican Republic, Japan, Netherlands, Venezuela

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Dutch Roster
Edwin Boekhouder (Thamen), Humphrey Martes, Erwin Visser (both TIW-Survivors) and Eric Zomerdijk (Storks).
Jorrit Cloo, Kenny Dame (both Storks) and Ingmar Ramharakh (Domstad Dodgers).
Ronny Gumbs, Alfonso Illis (both Domstad Dodgers), Roy Netten (Storks), Roderick Postiena, Sendley Reina (both Alphians) and Tim Verbrugge (Thamen).
Angelo Clemensia (Domstad Dodgers), Tico Jacobus (Alphians), Enio Kwas (Thamen) and Rob v.d. Vlist (Storks).
Willem Tuyn (manager), Stanley Boutisma (coach), Maurice Cranston (coach), Hans Kalf (physical therapist), Pieter Voet (business manager).

Game Recaps
WC: New Zealand remains world champion
EAST LONDON (South Africa) - New Zealand remained the best men softball-team of the world, as it won the final game of the 10th World Championship vs. Japan, 2-1 on Saturday. Earlier on the day, New Zealand reached the final, beating USA 3-1. In the final, Japan took a 1-0 lead in the third when Takanori Araki scored on a sacrifice fly by Takashi Arizumi. In the fourth, New Zealand tied the game when Jarrad Martin homered. Finally, in the seventh, the Kiwis broke a 1-1 tie when a sacrifice fly by Donny Hale scored runner Thomas Makea. New Zealand pitcher Marty Grant (pictured right) player a major part, as he allowed only one hit to the Japanese, who finished in third place four years ago. For New Zealand it's the fourth world title. In 1976, New Zealand shared the title with Canada and USA after the final day of the tournament in Lower Hutt (New Zealand) rained out. After being eliminated in the semi-final in 1980, New Zealand beat Canada 3-1 in 1984 at Midland (USA). In 1988 (at Canada) and 1992 (at Philippines), New Zealand reached the final but was defeated by the USA and Canada respectively. Four years ago, at Midland (USA), the team from down under won their second title, defeating Canada, 4-0.
(July 15)

WC: Dutch win final game
EAST LONDON (South Africa) - The Dutch team won its last game of th World Championships, winning 6-5 vs. Chinese Taipei. After scoring once in the first, the Dutch scored five runs in the third to make it 6-0. But in the home third, Taiwan scored twice, then added three more in the fourth (6-5). Humphrey Martes then relieved Erwin Visser, silencing the Asians, giving up only hit in the remainder of the game. The Dutch had eight hits, two each by Enio Kwas and Tico Jacobus.
(July 13)

WC: Two more losses Dutch
EAST LONDON (South Africa) - The Dutch team was defeated twice on Wednesday to remain winless in the World Championship. In the morning, the Dutch were shutout 10-0 by Dominican Republic. Only Jorrit Cloo registered a hit off of the Dominican pitcher. Later in the day, the Dutch team played a good game vs. Japan. In the first five innings, the Dutch put the Japanese team under pressure as the Asians took only a 3-2 lead. Finally, in the sixth, the solid playing Japanese scored sixth en route to a 9-2 win.
(July 12)

WC: Botswana beats Dutch
EAST LONDON (South Africa) - The Dutch team was defetead 1-0 by Botswana on Tuesday-morning, as Tony Moyo struckout fifteen. Moyo, who played in Holland for Alphians allowed only two hits to Ronny Gumbs. In the fifth, Botswana scored the lone run on two errors.
(July 11)

WC: Big loss Dutch team
EAST LONDON (South Africa) - The Dutch team also was defeated in its third game of the World Campionship, losing big to Canada, 14-0. Despite the loss, the Dutch did better then four years ago, when it was defeated 15-0 during the World Championships in Midland, USA. Humphrey Martes and rookie Eric Zomerdijk did the pitching, but couldn't stop the Canadian team. The Canadian pitcher threw a perfect game.
(July 10)

WC: Second Dutch loss
EAST LONDON (South Africa) - The Dutch team also was defeated in its second game of the World Championship, losing 5-1 to Venezuela. Edwin Boekhouder pitched four-plus innings, giving up only four hits, but offensively the Dutch team again managed to register only three hits. Tico Jacobus, Kenny Dame and Alfonso Illis were the hitters. In the first inning, Venezuela scored three runs, then saw the Dutch score once in the fourth, before adding two more runs of its own in the fifth.
(July 9)

WC: Dutch start with loss
EAST LONDON (South Africa) - The Dutch team started the 10th World Championship in East London (South Africa) with a 9-2 loss vs. Australia. The Dutch left to much runners on the bases (nine) and scored only twice, depite having a basesloaded situation twice and reaching base on nine Australian walks. Leading 1-0, Dutch starting pitcher Erwin Visser came into trouble in the fourth, when he walked a runner, who advanced to score on three consecutive wild pitches. After another walk and a hit by pitch, a three-run homerun made it 4-1 for Australia. The Dutch got only three hits, which were hit by Ronny Gumbs, Enio Kwas and Alfonso Illis.
(July 8)

WC: Czech win Championship-opener
EAST LONDON (South Africa) - The Czech Republic won the opening game of the 10th World Championship Men Softball, beating host country South Africa 4-0. In the third, Marek Cermak hit a three-run homerun, while pitcher Lubos Vrbensky struckout fifteen players of 'Simunye', as the South African team is nicknamed.
(July 7)

Dutch play two games
CAPE TOWN (South Africa) - The Dutch national team played two exhibition games to complete its final preparations for the upcoming World Championships.
The team played an All Star-team from West Province on Tuesday and Wednesday. The first game was won 6-4, the second game ended in a 7-7 tie.
(July 5)

Schedule & Scores

DateHome TeamVisiting TeamScore
Fr., July 7South AfricaCzech Republic0-4
Sa., July 8CanadaDominican Republic5-0
New ZealandLesotho13-0 (5)
DenmarkPhilippines0-1 (10)
JapanVenezuela0-2 (10)
Chinese TaipeiBotswana0-2
South AfricaLesotho20-0 (4)
MexicoCzech Republic1-2
Su., July 9JapanChinese Taipei5-0
New ZealandPhilippines8-0
USALesotho24-0 (3)
AustraliaDominican Republic2-3
New ZealandCzech Republic17-0 (4,5)
South AfricaDenmark0-1 (10)
Mo., July 10MexicoPhilippines1-0
JapanDominican Republic6-2
New ZealandDenmark3-0
AustraliaChinese Taipei5-1
Czech RepublicPhilippines3-4
USASouth Africa4-0
Tu., July 11NetherlandsBotswana0-1
CanadaChinese Taipei10-0
Czech RepublicLesotho11-1 (5)
VenezuelaDominican Republic4-2
New ZealandSouth Africa8-0
We., July 12NetherlandsDominican Republic0-10 (6)
USACzech Republic12-1 (4,5)
VenezuelaChinese Taipei3-0
New ZealandMexico7-0
South AfricaPhilippines1-0
Th., July 13CanadaJapan0-1
Chinese TaipeiDominican Republic2-4
Czech RepublicDenmark3-0
NetherlandsChinese Taipei6-5
New ZealandUSA10-0
BotswanaDominican Republic0-2
MexicoSouth Africa3-4
Final Standings Group AFinal Standings Group B
1New Zealand77-141Venezuela76112
3Czech Republic74383Canada75210
4South Africa73464Dominican Republic7438
8Lesotho7-708Chinese Taipei7-70
DateHome TeamVisiting TeamScore
Fr., July 14New Zealand (A 1)Japan (B 2)0-1 (Game 57)
Czech Republic (A 3)Dominican Republic (B 4)4-3 (Game 58)
(Dominican Rep. eliminated)
USA (A 2)Venezuela (B 1)6-2 (Game 59)
South Africa (A 4)Canada (B 3)0-7 (Game 60)
(South Africa eliminated)
New Zealand (Loser Game 57)Czech Republic (Winner Game 58)11-0 (Game 61)
(Czech Rep. eliminated)
Venezuela (Loser Game 59)Canada (Winner Game 60)0-2 (Game 62)
(Venezuela eliminated)
Japan (Winner Game 57)USA (Winner Game 59)2-0 (Game 63)
(Japan to final)
New Zealand (Winner Game 61)Canada (Winner Game 62)3-2 (Game 64)
(Canada 4th place)
Sa., July 15USA (Loser Game 63)New Zealand (Winner Game 64)1-3 (Game 65)
(New Zealand to final)
(USA 3rd place)
Japan (Winner Game 63)New Zealand (Winner Game 65)1-2 (Game 66)
(New Zealand world champion)
Final Standings Place 1 - 8Final Standings Place 9 - 16
1NEW ZEALAND9Australia
5Czech Republic13Denmark
Venezuela14The Netherlands
7Dominican Republic15Chinese Taipei
South AfricaLesotho

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